Adam Hanok is consist of duplex type. 

On the first floor, there is a small living room and the second floor, there is a cozy bedroom, providing a fun experience to guests. 

We hope you have a good rest in your busy daily life.



Fully enjoy these spaces providing various charm
in the heart of the city

We love them like you do

Room Plan

Adam Hanok has a small but fully ready kitchen, a cozy living room where you can talk to your loved ones, and a simple bathroom on the first floor. There is a table and TV in the bedroom on the second floor, so it is good for relaxing and having fun together. A small open air bath in the yard relieves fatigue from everyday life. Enjoy the meaning of the new rest Adam Hanok saying to you.


Experience the speciality of Adam Hanok


In the structure of traditional Hanok, modern brand products are placed to create a harmonious reversal space. It was created with lights from George Nelson, colorful furniture from WIEEINKINO, Rareraw’s shelves, and design bedding from Milmuah. Please pay attention to the works of rising artist on one wall.


On the first floor, where the sunshine is good, there is a tea set for a warm tea. The cozy bedroom on top offers an interesting space experience.


Based on the small alleys of Seochon, we want to be a place where you can feel the stories and mood of the neighborhood and stay comfortably. We recommend you to take a walk around the attractive places of Seochon, such as Spectre with a good coffee taste, a Gonggi restaurant with excellent home cooking, Tongin Market and Suseong-dong Valley.